Canada Deep Sea

Canada Deep Sea specializes in supplying only the highest quality of Newfoundland Seafood Products to its customers.


Newfoundland produces some the highest quality shellfish products in the world Shellfish in Newfoundland are subject to a very frigid environment that provides superior taste and a higher percentage of omega-3’s in the shellfish products we produce.

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Fin Fish

The wild stocks of Greenland Halibut (Turbot) and Atlantic Cod in Newfoundland are healthy and are harvested and processed in large volumes throughout the year. Newfoundland boasts an aquaculture industry for fin fish where large volumes of Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Trout are grown in offshore cages on the Island’s South Coast.

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Pelages move throughout the North Atlantic ocean in large schools and Newfoundland is one of the few locations you will find these northern fish in abundance. This fishery is conducted on a large scale over a relatively short time period while these fish are moving through the ocean waters off Newfoundland.

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